Video Production

Video Production

As a full-service film production company, we will work with you through every step of the creative process, from the smallest project to full-scale campaigns. We offer a wide range of video production services to clients of all types and we can handle everything for you. Our services include concept development and creative strategy, scriptwriting, production planning, casting calls, location scouting, the whole exhilarating process of filming, complete post-production services, animation in video production, graphics creation and much more! Pretzel Logic Productions encourages companies to tell their story through the visual lens in the most powerful way possible, no matter the scope.

We are proud of our creative vision and sharp eye for detail as a modern, hip and emerging film production company. We do great work and have great attitudes. We will truly embrace every aspect of your brand. Because no one knows what you want more than you do.

Details make all the difference in video production and we make sure every detail takes a part in telling your story. We also understand the importance of the way visual content plays in order to maintain your audience’s attention. The simple idea of including animation in video production can make all the difference in your special story. In a world that has become so much more visual than ever before, eye-catching, engaging content really is the key to producing a successful video.

Pretzel Logic is breaking down the walls of traditional production methods to bring you truly visionary and compelling content. From conception all the way to the strategic implementation of your final product, we will create the best and clearest representation of your brand. The sky is the limit and that includes startup videos, video commercials, short and feature length films, corporate videos, promotional videos and more!

Take your business and your idea to the next level with us.

Are you ready to tell your story?